What is Spark?

What is Spark?

Spark is a 2D top-down team-based internet-multiplayer capture-the-flag game, with compelling gameplay that is simple to learn for beginners but offers years of depth for the committed player. Spark has a loyal and dedicated community, where players group together into like-minded 'clans' to compete in a variety of community-run leagues, ladders and tournaments for ultimate bragging rights. It has a rich history, a wealth of subtle strategy, and best of all, it's 100% free! Download it here or Learn to play!


Welcome to Spark Faces, Spark Realm's version of Sgt Largent's age-old ARC Faces. After a few iterations of our own, we decided to drop the list of Sparker names and just go with a kaleidoscope of color and randomization, making a patchwork of Sparker's faces. To view any one Sparker's pictures in isolation, select their name from the dropdown list on the Profiles page.

To submit your own pics, just drop 'em in an email to and make sure to include the phrase 'Spark Faces' in the subject line! Remember, Sparkers listed as Top Contributors below may be chosen as Featured Sparker in the left sidebar, which appears across the whole site!

Top Contributors

#1. Avenger 19 pics
#2. craig 9 pics
#3. theycallmeshiz 8 pics
#4. oTaCon 7 pics
#5. Epi 6 pics
#6. gaur 6 pics
#7. YupHisBunNyB 6 pics
#8. Atr3yu 5 pics

Recent Additions

» LordzNipz' 1st pic added 2011-09-21
» Patabugen's 3rd pic added 2011-08-22
» Gold's 1st pic added 2011-08-19
» DcHolliday's 4th pic added 2011-08-18
» Allie's 1st pic added 2011-08-18
» DcHolliday's 3rd pic added 2011-08-18
» DcHolliday's 5th pic added 2011-08-18
» DcHolliday's 1st pic added 2011-08-18

Total Spark Faces



All pictures with green borders are newly added.

Mercenarywh0ElDiablooTaConCheeJudoDeVaSt8rGlitchAvenger (new!)oTaConDomeyYupHisBunNyBGenocideslicKDingleDorfunreaLEulogyGodzillaSynthesisRiddeNLugzBac0neh (new!)PointBlankmeekRdykrytonGreysoulDreAmYozzi (new!)DomeyAtr3yuastrixSeanPriceMaGementalMortisSeVeNkekewh0Goody2shoes (new!)EekSharpieLissiPointBlankYupHisBunNyBYupHisBunNyBSkippingPenguinToledo (new!)theycallmeshiz (new!)Avenger (new!)

New Maps

Deadlock - 8-16+
View | Download

Madwars-Mini - 12-20+
View | Download

Cold - 8-16+
View | Download

Backlash - 12-20+
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New Patches

Classic ARC Patch
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Forest Patch
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Wave's Patch
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Bouncy Patch
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